Monetization on YouTube

Now everyone who has ever shot a video for YouTube is wondering: how to start making money on it following the example of your favorite influencers? However, even with unique and high-quality content, you can be left without income if you do not deal with the conditions of monetization on video hosting and other nuances in time. best way to get 4000 watch hours on youtube

How to enable monetization on YouTube

You need to go to the creative studio of your YouTube channel. Next, go to the «Monetization» section, click the «Apply» button and follow the steps that will be indicated on the screen. Applications are usually considered within a month.
Terms of monetization on YouTube
According to the minimum requirements, you can apply for participation in the YouTube Affiliate Program only if your channel has at least a thousand subscribers and has accumulated at least 4 thousand hours of viewing over the past 12 months.

All existing and potential YouTube partners must comply with the rules regarding content monetization, which include community rules, terms of use, copyright requirements and AdSense program rules.

The best ways to monetize a channel
At the moment, YouTube and Google offer several basic methods of channel monetization.

Advertising — generating revenue from various types of ads that are shown in your videos.
Sponsorship — this allows viewers to support the author for a monthly fee and receive various bonuses from the author of the channel.
Sale of souvenirs — the addition of this section will allow viewers to buy souvenirs directly on the video viewing pages. This feature is available to all authors, but only viewers from Europe can buy a blogger’s merch without leaving the box office.
Superchat and superstikers — thanks to these features, viewers can leave paid comments, including with animated images, while watching broadcasts or prime videos. Such messages are highlighted in a special color and are fixed in the chat.
YouTube Premium — channel authors receive a share of this paid subscription when users who have signed up for it watch videos.
There are also services to increase the number of advertising slots and other revenue opportunities provided by partner media networks.